MMC Mbundu calls on residents to utilise opportunity centres

The City of Johannesburg’s Member of the Mayoral Committee for Economic

Development, Councillor Nkululeko Mbundu, has encouraged residents to use

Opportunity Centres for business and jobseeker support.

“As residents of our City return after a well-deserved break, many will be eager to start

their own businesses, while others will be looking for work. We wish to urge our citizens

to visit our Opportunity Centres, which serve as a single point of contact for SMMEs

and job seekers thus playing a role in the reduction of unemployment,” said MMC


The Opportunity Centre business model is one of the City’s initiatives aimed at

assisting small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs) and cooperatives in their

development and long-term viability. Through a combination of in-house and external

resources, Opportunity Centres provide free services to SMMEs and cooperatives.

Cllr Mbundu said the City of Johannesburg’s priority is to create a climate that

encourages economic growth with clear and concise economic policy, thus allowing

us to rebuild a City that is Pro-business and Pro-jobs.

“Our Opportunity Centres are geared at strengthening in the main our SMME sector,

making it easier to open and operate a business while also providing support to

jobseekers by registering them on the City’s Jobseekers database. As a result, I

encourage our residents to visit our Opportunity Centres, and make use of this

wonderful infrastructure.”

Some of the services offered by Opportunity Centres include:

Training Services

• Business Management (financial management, bookkeeping, people


• Business planning.

• Marketing strategy development.

• Supply-chain training so clients can gain increased access to markets.

Consultation Services

• Providing pre-start, start-up, and existing businesses with business

development consulting.

• Advice on business planning and concept generation, as well as tax and

financial management compliance challenges.

Facilitation of access to financing through Opportunity Centre partners’


Facilities Usage for Business

• Access to boardroom use for business (e.g. meeting, presentation, interview


• Access to internet/Wi-Fi for business use (e.g. research, market opportunities,

preparation of business proposals.

Jobseekers Support

• The Opportunity Centres also provide jobseekers with a registration database

to connect the unemployed with both public and private organisations, as well

as capacity-building courses such as job preparation to better equip and

prepare job seekers for an interview.


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