Muldersdrift shooting victim goes for rehab

Police shooting victim Len Cloete has been placed into rehabilitation, according to private investigator Mike Bolhuis. A police officer shot Cloete in the head in November during an altercation at a Muldersdrift lodge.

Cloete’s family appointed Bolhuis’s company, Specialised Security Services, to represent him and provide updates about Cloete’s health.

A video of the incident showed Cloete confronting police, who were on either side of a doorway. He was naked but later put on underwear and asked for his gun.

The footage showed that he disarmed a policewoman while shouting “shoot me, shoot me” and then faced a second officer who had his gun raised towards the now-armed Cloete. The officer fired and Cloete fell to the ground.

On December 23 the company reported that Cloete, who had been in a coma for several weeks after being shot, was now awake and strong enough to start rehabilitation.

On Thursday, Bolhuis said, “He is much better. He has been placed into a rehabilitation facility. He is doing rehabilitation.”

Bolhuis said Cloete’s “eyes are open, and he recognises his wife.” 

“He kisses her.  One side of his body has feelings and movement,” Bolhuis said.

“He is rapidly getting better. We see it as a miracle and we are extremely thankful for the medical practitioners and their involvement … and the hospital,” Bolhuis said.


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